Willow Hill Home
Willow Hill Farm was founded by Dan and Phyllis Baker in the summer of 1978.We are
located in Calvert County MD ,between the Chesapeake Bay and Patuxent River. After
raising Tobacco for several years focus changed to landscaping and green houses .Also we
have developed family recipe for a wonderful Sweet Salsa  and Black Berry Jelly . We raise
our own Black Berries from a domestic thornless variety . We raise several varieties of
ornamental grasses as well as Lyriapy .
Family owned and operated
jams , jellies , sauces and salsas
email for ordering information
Don't see what you need? Contact us ...we may be able to find what you are looking for .We
have a list of plant wholesalers and maybe able to fill you needs .
We sell to wholesalers as well as the local costumers . From a quart of fresh Black Berries ,
a jar of Jelly or Salsa to 100 plants. We try to meet every ones needs.