Exercises for Equestrians
ADVICE  : Consult a physician prior to starting any exercise program
Equestrians can benefit from weight lifting and strength training. As you probably know a
rider needs muscle strength to aid in controlling their horse on the ground and in the saddle,
not to mention doing chores around the barn. A horse can tell the difference between a
strong rider and a weak one. Some horses will take advantage of a weaker rider.

There are other benefits to strength training . It helps to decrease the chance of serious
injury ,helps injured muscles heal quicker , looking better and more elegant in the saddle ,
riding is more enjoyable when you are more flexible .It will also increase your metabolism with
the increase of muscle mass.

With as little as 15 minutes of strength training 3 to 5 days a week you will start to see results.
Practicing 8 to 12 repetitions of each exercise even while watching TV. You will need to
invest in a couple sets of dumbbells and a guild boo to get started. Dumbbells are very
portable , help teach the body balance and provide great flexibility in your workouts.

Here are some examples of exercises for equestrians

HANDS: riders need strength in their hands while training a horse, teaching one to lunge or
lead. It takes strong deliberate hands to achieve the exact and subtle responses we strive for.
Squeezing spring hand grips or a ball can be beneficial. Wrist curls will help to increase wrist
strength while holding dumbbells.

ARMS: Having a horse that requires lots of checking, half halting along with turning and
stopping can really require a rider with strong arms. Arm strength and endurance can benefit
by using dumbbells. Triceps overhead and cross face extensions, hammer curls ,biceps curls
and kick backs.

UPPER BACK AND SHOULDERS: All riders strive for good posture and  square shoulders to
help hold their position on the horse.A strong back is needed and will also aid in control and
balance. Rhomboid squeezes done in the saddle help strengthen the upper back muscles.
Double upright and bent over rows with dumbbells as well as external rotations are good
exercise choices to strengthen the upper back and shoulders.

CHEST: Strengthening the upper body will help to improve better posture and having better
control of the reins. The dumbbell flye will help with the outer, middle and upper chest.

LOWER BACK AND BUTTOCKS : Lying butt lifts will help to build the muscles needed to stop,
slow and control your horse. These exercises will also help to avoid lower back pain.

ABDOMINAL MUSCLES: Sitting trots, collection and long hours in the saddle can sure put a
strain on those abs...Crunches , curl-ups and leg lifts can help a rider become stronger in
their upper body.

LEGS: Legs are so important and need to be strong. Outer and inner thigh raisers, cork
screws, leg extensions , leg curls and standing straight toe calf raises will help the rider to
execute inward leg squeezes on their horse to keep that smooth movement and control we
all seek.
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